What's Block-Level transfer?


When you upload file to other FTP servers, the whole file will be uploaded. Even if you just added a single byte to this file. As you can image that it's a total waste of time and bandwidth. Block Level transfer work in different way, it only copies changed part, not the whole file. It will improve the transfer performance significantly.

Normal transfer

Normal transfer

When a file is changed, the whole file will be uploaded or downloaded even if the source file changed a single byte. It's a total waste of time and bandwidth!

Block level transefer

Block-Level transfer

Only changed part will be transferred. You can image that how much time and bandwidth you can save for 100 MB files, 1 GB files.



We did several tests so you can know how fast it can be:

  Block-Level transfer Disabled Block-Level transfer Enabled Time saved
10MB 23 seconds 3 seconds 87%
50MB 115 seconds 9 seconds 92%
100MB 228 seconds 21 seconds 91%




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