Fast Scan for Remote Folder


FTP client, especially FTP sync program like FTP Synchronizer, needs to scan remote folders from time to time in order to get file information to work. This job takes time, even more than time of actual file transfer when you have a lot of folders!

The reason is that FTP protocol needs FTP client to send command, MLSD or LIST, for every folders. That's probably thousands of commands/responses between client and server.


Rock FTP Fast Scan works in a different way. It allows client to send a single command to get all files info. Obviously, this will save some time, but how fast it really can be? Well, we did a simple test and the result is Incredible:

  Fast Scan Disabled Fast Scan Enabled Time saved
1039 files, 284 folders 28.5 seconds 1.5 seconds 96.4%
2078 files, 568 folders 79.3 seconds 3.3 seconds 95.8%
4156 files, 1136 folders 92.8 seconds 7.4 seconds 92%


It saves more than 90% of your valuable time EVERY folder transfer/sync.


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