Can I purchase Rock FTP by Purchase Order (PO)?


Yes, you can purchase Rock FTP by Purchase Order. You can simply click the ordering link, select Purchase Order from Payment Method, then follow the instructions in next page to complete the PO. Here is how it works:

  1. You click the ordering link on our web site (or the one we sent to you)
  2. Select the "Purchase Order" from the method of payment combo box on the bottom of the ordering page.
  3. When go to next step, the system will generate a "Proforma Invoice". You fax it to Plimus according to the information on the "Proforma Invoice".
  4. Plimus then send an "Invoice" to you with instructions on how to send payment.
  5. You send out the payment. After Plimus confirmed it, we'll get notification and you'll receive the license information.





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