Rock FTP Server

Fast block level FTP server

Rock FTP Server is the first and the only FTP server that supports block-level transfer. You can reduce time of transfer from hours to seconds! It's the fastest server you can find on the market. At the same time, it has an intuitive GUI that makes it very easy to use, no massive options to confuse you.

  • Block-level transfer
  • Fast Folder scan
  • Mode Z compress
  • UTF8 mode
  • Large file support (> 4.2GB)


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Secure & Reliable

Rock FTP server supports both standard connection and secure (SSL and SSH) connections. Your data will be secure with it.


Super Fast

Block-level transfer reduces time of file transfer from hours to seconds! Fast-folder-scan can save 90% of your time. You'll be very happy if you are using FTP sync application like FTP Synchronizer


Customer Support

In most time, you can chat with us. Our e-mail response time is less than 8 hours. We can also connect to your computer to help you

Key Features

Registered users can get lot of features


Instant Setup

With it's intuitive user interface, you can start using it immediately. No waiting time whatsoever.


Effective file transfer

Block-level transfer to reduce time of transfer from hours to seconds. You can transfer multiple small files via a single command. It also supports files larger than 4.2 GB.


Secure connection

FTPS (SSL/TLS) and SFTP (SSH) are supported. It can run as a Windows service to work in background 7*24 without user interaction.


Easy to configure

You can configure and manage multiple servers remotely. The changes will take effect immediately.


If you are looking for a reliable and fast FTP server, look no further.  Buy a License Now or download a 30 days trial version